Launch by Quixey @launchbyquixey • Added Mar 30, 2015

Transforms your Android Home Experience

Launch is a beautiful Android launcher that surfaces everything you need on your phone with one tap. It includes a universal search bar, app organization, and a magic bar to serve you the right contacts and apps at the right time.

Utilities, Apps, Search

Status: Private Beta

Jungggle @jungggle • Added Mar 30, 2015

Marketing Search Engine

Jungggle is a platform where companies can find, buy and sell marketing services globally. Advertisers can find and buy a wide variety of marketing services, and service providers can present and sell their marketing services to advertisers all... More »

Marketing, Service, Search

Status: Public

EcommTactics @ecommtactics • Added Mar 30, 2015

Weekly Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Stores

EcommTactics helps small ecommerce stores do better marketing so they can grow their business. Get actionable marketing tactics delivered to your inbox each week.

Ecommerce, Marketing, Small Business

Status: Public

AgileStuff @agilestuff • Added Mar 30, 2015

Agile & QA Tips/Tricks Delivered to Your Inbox Weekly

AgileStuff delivers you Agile & QA tips and tricks via email each Monday morning. We deliver curated, highly-actionable content you can actually use to make your team and processes better.

Agile, Qa, Development

Status: Public

Shortr @getshortrapp • Added Mar 30, 2015

Tech Content in Short

Shortr is a mobile app that shows tech news, blogs and tutorials summarized in 50 words. Users can choose their favourite topics. The product, currently in beta, covers broad topics like Bitcoin, Wearables, IoT Gadgets etc. and niche topics like... More »

News, Mobile, Technology

Status: Private Beta

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Helprace @helpracing • Added Mar 30, 2015

Crowdsourced & one-on-one customer service

The easiest way to provide customer support. Sign up for free and get your own help desk, self-service portal and customer community up and running!

Customer Service, Community, Help Desk

Status: Alpha

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OTTO @gizmosistech • Added Mar 30, 2015

SIRI for Driving

OTTO is an always listening, voice controlled app that reduces distraction by enabling drivers to intuitively manage calling and texting, without needing to remove hands from the wheel or eyes off the road.

Driving, Consumer, Mobile

Status: Public Beta

Darwinex @darwinexchange • Added Mar 26, 2015

Spotify for trading and investing

Darwinex helps you to identify trading talent, so you can spot those with real skill over the lucky monkey's. Using our investor platform, you can trade the best traders strategies using the risk level you choose. Our P2P asset management... More »

Trading, Investing, Fintech

Status: Public

GPSOX @gpsoxapp • Added Mar 26, 2015

"Stack Overflow" + LinkedIn for Attorneys

We provide attorneys with a way to connect one topic within their jurisdiction that provides a searchable archive and rating system of past discussions, without altering how they do business currently.

Legal, Consumer, Legal Tech

Status: Public Beta @ningo_me • Added Mar 26, 2015

email with postage is a messaging and email forwarding service. lets users set up addresses where senders are required to pay to get their message delivered. The service is intended to bring mutual appreciation to online communications, and... More »

Email, Payment, Marketplace

Status: Public