elevtr io @elevtrio • Added Jan 12, 2016

An app for testing your app ideas

Every couple of months I release a new app or website and then I don't know what to do. And I'm left asking myself how do I get anyone to use the thing that I've just poured months of my life into making? Here's my solution. You post your app... More »

Startups, Minimum Viable Product, User Acquisition

Status: Public Beta

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Cooplo @mycooplo • Added Jan 12, 2016

Smart Foursquare which works based on user's Personality and Mood

Cooplo is a smart local discovery platform which acts as your concierge by providing you personalized recommendations based on your personality and mood. If you're looking for a new place to eat or new fun in an outdoor activity or even a class... More »

Local Discovery, Events, Search

Status: Public Beta

Tradewally @tradewally • Added Jan 12, 2016

Feel free to trade and exchange goods to other people's.

Tradewally is the first e-commerce network where you can sell or exchange goods on-line.

Social, Selling, Changing

Status: Public Beta

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SlugBay @slugbay • Added Jan 12, 2016

Where developers find the best resources.

SlugBay lets you quickly find the best resources, easily build your personal library for free and discuss with other developers to build great technology.

Developer Tools

Status: Private Beta

Carla @rentcarla • Added Jan 12, 2016

Tinder for car rental

Carla is a car rental app. - Carla will offer you the perfect personalized car for your trip - Swipe cards to choose one - Book your car with a quick tap You can rent a car in 20,000 locations worldwide from all major car rental... More »

Travel, App, Car Rental

Status: Public

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Leafdock @leafdock • Added Jan 12, 2016

Knowledge management software for easy information sharing

Leafdock is a knowledge management app focusing on easy content creation, powerful search and analytics tool which allows you to work on content that matters the most. Leafdock brings you immediate improvement from start as it has an integration... More »

Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Web App

Status: Private Beta

Neomy @yourneomy • Added Jan 12, 2016

Tells you when is the best time to transfer money

Neomy is your personal assistant that alerts you when is the best time to do a money transfer, depending on the daily exchange rateâ??s market.


Status: Public Beta

BarsOnTap @barsontapapp • Added Jan 12, 2016

Reddit for your nightlife

BarsOnTap is an iOS and Android application that ranks bars by popularity in real time. Users have no accounts, but can leave anonymous photos, comments and vote on bars they like or dislike.

Nightlife, Review, Recommendations

Status: Private Beta

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SYBG :: Since You've Been Gone @sybg_io • Added Jan 12, 2016

(Re)Engage & (Re)Activate Your Customers

Since You've Been Gone (SYBG) automatically delivers personalized on-site & e-mail product update announcements to each of your users. Engage & Re-Engage: Your team worked hard to release those updates and new features - it's time to show them... More »

Marketing Automation, Marketing, Customer Engagement

Status: Private Beta

Unstucco @unstucco • Added Jan 12, 2016

A smarter way to get graphic designs

Unstucco takes the pain out of sourcing consistent and effective graphic designs for marketing. Small business owners and entrepreneurs order designs, provide feedback, and approve finals in an intuitive online interface.

Marketing, Design, Creative

Status: Public Beta