Brightwork @brightwork_io • Added Nov 11, 2015

Data shouldn't be so hard!

Brightwork is a data collection aggregator that allows Developers to put all of their data collection in one place. Many Developers use many different data APIs because one API does not collect everything they want to collect. So they use multiple... More »

Data, API, Aggregation

Status: Public Beta

Vitabee @getvitabee • Added Nov 4, 2015

List your favorite products, get paid when people buy

Vitabee gets people paid for product recommendations they make to their friends, specifically in the health and well being space. For example, we've had test users build stretching tools plans, skin care plans, and nutrition plans. List... More »

Ecommerce, Affiliate

Status: Public Beta

OnPoint Sports @onpointapp • Added Nov 4, 2015

Fantasy Football Meets Big Data

OnPoint offers the most powerful real-time sports data engine on the mobile market. With over 1000 different statistics and data points per sport, OnPoint is a must-have for sports enthusiasts, fantasy players, and casual fans alike. Like most... More »

Sports, Mobile, Fantasy Football

Status: Public

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Wishylist @yourwishylist • Added Nov 4, 2015

Share your wishes with family & friends

Wishylist is a free Private Social Wish List. A platform for recording and sharing your every desire from wants and needs to dreams and goals with your nearest and dearest. Wishylist will enable retailers to increase their future probable... More »

Social, Ecommerce, Retail

Status: Public Beta

Hibox @hiboxco • Added Nov 4, 2015

Hibox combines team messaging, AI-powered task management and video calls helping your tea

Hibox is an out-of-the-box solution to handle the three most critical pain points in collaborating with your team: 1) faster communication (team messaging), 2) keep track of your projects (task management) and 3) live discussions for remote work... More »

Collaboration, Productivity, Team Messaging

Status: Public

Shieldfy @shieldfy • Added Nov 4, 2015

Web Security Shield for your website

shieldfy offer a security shield to block attacks and malwares and make your website clean and secure

Security, Exploit, Waf

Status: Private Beta

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CoderCompanion @codercompanion • Added Nov 4, 2015

Class diagrams for open-source projects

CoderCompanion makes exploring and learning open source codebases easier by giving developers the high level view of the code architecture through class diagrams. It is free and all you need to do is sign up.

Developer, Open, Source

Status: Public Beta

API PLUG @apiplug • Added Nov 4, 2015

Hassle Free API Generation

Get deployment-ready API codes and Docker containers from your data source with a few clicks.

API, API Generation, Developer Tools

Status: Public Beta

ALLEVIOS @allevios_ • Added Nov 4, 2015

Manage your IoT.

Manage your IoT. ALLEVIOS enables control and management of networked systems and IoT devices. ALLEVIOS Social module connects physical things with the sentiment in social networks. Postings from people around the world can affect for example... More »

Social, Internet Of Things

Status: Alpha

Taggr @taggr_ • Added Nov 4, 2015

Wish list any Store then Price Watch

Taggr is a Shopping Social Network with a 360 Degree retargeting platform that links cross device and browser activity with real World retail interactions using GPS and it's own iBeacon platform. For consumers it delivers an intuitive mobile... More »

Mobile Commerce, Retail Technology

Status: Public