Venteo @venteoapp • Added 7 hours ago

Everyones images at an event in one place

All pictures taken at an event by anyone attending upload to one album for all to view.

Social, Photos, Sharing

Status: Public

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Hua @huachat • Added Aug 31, 2014

Learn languages with native speakers. (pre-launch)

Hua lets you practice foreign languages by chatting with native speakers around the world, anytime, anywhere, for free.

Languages, Education, Social

Status: Private Beta

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Plural App @pluralapp • Added Aug 31, 2014

Beautiful Social News Reader

Plural assembles all of your favorite web sources into a single browsing experience that delivers fast & beautifully displayed content across all of your devices.

News, RSS, Social

Status: Public Beta

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Chacy @danlev • Added Aug 30, 2014

Simple Collaborative Lists Without Logins

The simplest way to vote on ideas between friends. Chacy lets you and your friends create a simple list with real?time Reddit?style voting. No logins needed.

Voting, Social, Collaboration

Status: Public

Chooos @chooosme • Added Aug 30, 2014

Simple and effective store for Facebook. (pre-launch)

Chooos turns any Facebook Page into a beautifully designed, high converting storefront. Free of charge. Free of hassle. It enables anyone to accept orders straight on Facebook, and boosts sales with promotional campaigns.

Ecommerce, Facebook

Status: Private Beta

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GoPitch @go_pitch • Added Aug 30, 2014

SoundCloud for Entrepreneurs (pre-launch)

GoPitch is a simple and rapid way for founders and entrepreneurs to pitch their new idea or startup to the world. The GoPitch community gives them feedback on their pitch and advice on their concept, while discovering the coolest new projects.... More »

Startups, Pitch, Entrepreneur

Status: Private Beta

1 signup @myjobstore • Added Aug 30, 2014

Resume endorsements by your real-world network (pre-launch) endorse all resume and job applications by the community, job seekers are easily getting hired by potential employers. Currently we have over 120,000 open positions from employers and counting...

Jobs, Social Network, Hiring

Status: Private Beta

Showpitch @showpitch • Added Aug 30, 2014

The next generation of entertainment (pre-launch)

Showpitch is a collaborative community that empowers emerging filmmakers and content creators along with aspiring talent, musicians, athletes and writers to connect with each other, to fans, to opportunities, and to industry insiders and brands... More »

Digital Entertainment, Content Discovery, Collaboration

Status: Private Beta

Tripzzle! @tripzzle • Added Aug 30, 2014

Highly accurate travel and hotel recommendations based on your preferences

Tripzzle is a free tool that provides highly accurate destination and hotel recommendations based on traveler preferences. Tripzzle has been launched to help travelers belonging to both the leisure and business segments refine their travel... More »

Tourism, Travel, Hotels

Status: Public

GetClouder @getclouder • Added Aug 30, 2014

Containerized cloud hosting platform.

GetClouder is a containerized cloud hosting platform. Containers are lightweight virtual machines, but much more elastic. You get a server in 5 seconds with root access inside the container, instant autoscale with no reboot, distributed storage... More »

Cloud, Hosting, SaaS

Status: Public Beta