Syrup for startups @getsyrup • Added Apr 27, 2015

Best deals for startup tools

A community driven deals site for only startup tools.

Deals, Digital Marketing, B2B

Status: Public Beta

Breezy HR @breezy_hr • Added Apr 27, 2015

Trello for Hiring

Recruiting software for small teams doing big things.

Recruiting, Hiring, Hr

Status: Public

Funnel @funnelnow • Added Apr 27, 2015

CRM for the little guy

Funnel enables website owners to easily process work-related inquiries and keep track of their business contacts through contact forms.

Sales, Deals, Crm

Status: Public

Jobscribe @jobscribe • Added Apr 27, 2015

Want ads for remote workers

Find hand picked remote positions from startups around the world on our members only job board. Sign up for free daily, weekly or monthly emails.

Remote, Jobs

Status: Unknown

CubbySpot @cubbyspot • Added Apr 25, 2015 for Daycares

CubbySpot is a mobile platform that connects parents and daycares. We help parents find the best daycare for their child and we enable parents to fill available spots easily. Unlike other child care listing services, we focus on providing... More »

Mobile, Parenting, Consumer

Status: Alpha

1 signup

Newpass @newpass_app • Added Apr 24, 2015

Easily add password-free email and SMS authentication to your web app.

Don't waste your time developing login screens, password resets, or two-factor authentication systems. Newpass provides secure password-free authentication, two-factor authentication, and phone number verification with a few simple API calls.

Text Messaging, Authentication, Development Tools

Status: Public Beta

PANCY @pancyapp • Added Apr 24, 2015


Helping to make good choices. Our community helps you to make the right ones. Let others participate, help and vote on your choices, or click through other peoples questions.

Social, Mobile, Fashion

Status: Public @applicantio • Added Apr 24, 2015

Elegant recruitments is an online applicant tracking system that enables employers to effectively track job applications and recruitment process. Applications, which are gathered by beautiful job applications forms, are centralized and easily manageable.... More »

Recruitment, Human Resources

Status: Private Beta

FiveOH @fiveohapp • Added Apr 24, 2015

Find local food for $5 or less

A food discovery app that helps you find local food for $5 or less

Food, Restaurants, Mobile

Status: Public Beta

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Jellyfish @learnjellyfish • Added Apr 24, 2015

No more pre-made courses, learn with real developers.

Bored of reading unfinishable tutorials, connect with one of our awesome teachers. Choose from hundreds of teachers and start learning code today!

Developer, Online Learning, Consumer

Status: Public Beta