Spoil @spoil • Added Jan 23, 2015

A personalized box of happiness for someone you care about.

Spoil is a website that takes pride in helping their users spoil the people they care about. Unlike other sites, users describe the person they want to send a gift to and Spoil takes care of the rest. Shipping is always complimentary.

Gift, Lifestyle, Happiness

Status: Public

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Mingel @mingelme • Added Jan 23, 2015

find events you will love

Mingel is a social event search engine that guarantees every user a personalized and enjoyable event experience. Everyone knows the unfortunate feeling of an event gone wrong, a concert of a desired artist missed or even just an evening that did... More »

Events, Music, Venues

Status: Private Beta

SEM Compass @semcompass • Added Jan 23, 2015

Inbound Marketing Tool Aggregator

SEM Compass aggregates a range of online Market Research Tools in one place enabling you to trial and experiment with the metrics of each tool "under one roof". Now you don't have to maintain so many accounts in the experimentation phase of... More »

SEO, Inbound Marketing, Platform

Status: Private Beta

Gifts Utopia @gifts_utopia • Added Jan 15, 2015

Gift Giving Will Never Be Easier

Ever struggle to find a gift or forget an important date where you needed a gift? With Gifts Utopia, gift giving will never be easier. We take the hassle and stress out of finding gifts with our service that will help you find that perfect gift.

Ecommerce, Consumer Internet, Curated Search

Status: Development

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ScreenAware @screenaware • Added Jan 15, 2015

Automatically relate screen time to billable project/client tasks

ScreenAware helps agency teams to control project costs and invoice clients accurately by automatically tracking and relating screen time to billable project tasks. No more guess-filling timesheets on Friday evening or having to remember... More »

Productivity, Timetracking, Invoicing

Status: Private Beta

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RoadMojo @roadmojo • Added Jan 3, 2015

Google for road trips

RoadMojo is a free platform for road trips and road trippers. You can store, share and search for inspiring road trips and can even "follow" and top roadtrippers and road trip destinations of the world.

Roadtrips, Travel, Social

Status: Alpha

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Startup Bake @startupbake • Added Jan 3, 2015

Rails Projects Store

Looking for a beautiful code? Right out the oven - freshly baked Ruby on Rails projects for sale. Choose the one you love and customise it to your own taste.

Ruby On Rails, Rails Projects, Rails Startups

Status: Private Beta

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Hire.Bid @hirebid • Added Jan 3, 2015

Sell your free time.

Unlike other websites connecting professionals and clients that often result in a race to the bottom in terms of price (and resulting service to the client), Hire.Bid flips the equation so that the best professionals are able to harness the demand... More »

Freelance, Work, Professionals

Status: Public Beta

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crowdshare @crowdshare_app • Added Jan 3, 2015

Github for Artists

crowdshare is an open marketplace where users can share and support digital content and rising artists. Users are able to consume and share content freely, without cost. Best and rising artists are determined by the community, along with content... More »

Crowdfunding, Art, Photgraphy

Status: Private Beta

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SoundNinja @getsoundninja • Added Jan 3, 2015

Shazam for text

SoundNinja finds artist names within website text and lets users preview their latest songs without leaving the page. For free. It's simple, just hover over a artists name and you'll see their latest tracks!

Music, Discovery

Status: Private Beta

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