Pingometer @pingometer • Added Nov 26, 2014

Website Uptime Monitor

Pingometer is a service that monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. Our platform performs real-time checks from locations around the world -- 24/7/365. If an outage occurs, it notifies the right people at the right time.

Uptime, Performance, Monitoring

Status: Public Beta

FLYR @flyrapp • Added Nov 26, 2014

We Predict Airfares

FLYR uses the power of data analytics to predict price action for airfares. We provide users with helpful information while shopping for flights, including sell-out risk, historical price information, and price action prediction. Soon, FLYR will... More »

Travel, Airfare, Predictive Analytics

Status: Public Beta

Yearnly @yearnly • Added Nov 25, 2014

Your online wishlist.

Yearnly is a simple online wishlist that makes it easy to keep track of the cool products you find on the web. Curate and share lists with friends and family, call dibs on items so you know who's getting what.

Social, Gifts, Wishlist

Status: Private Beta

Go Halfsy @gohalfsy • Added Nov 25, 2014

Find Your Perfect Co-Owner

Go Halfsy is a community marketplace where people can list and discover items to co-own with someone else. We make it easy for people to own the things they love, affordably and efficiently.

Peertopeer, Social Commerce

Status: Public Beta

RVshare @rvshareonline • Added Nov 25, 2014

Airbnb for RVs

RV rental marketplace. Connects RV owners with renters. Helps RV owners rent their RV when it's not being used.

Rv Rental, Peertopeer Rental, Airbnb For Rvs

Status: Public

Coolr @coolr_app • Added Nov 25, 2014

Crowdsource decisions

Coolr helps you decide between two options. Submit two photos, get user votes, decide.

Social, Mobile

Status: Alpha

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Real Problem Hunt @realproblemhunt • Added Nov 25, 2014

ProductHunt for problems

Real Problem Hunt lets your hunt for real problems of people so you can come up with a great startup idea.

Startup, Problems, Ideas

Status: Alpha

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OpenLabel @theopenlabel • Added Nov 25, 2014

Crowdsourced labels for products

[Private iphone invite code: STARTUPLIST22] OpenLabel is the world's first product barcode scanner that allows everyone to get in on the conversation. Rather than focusing on deals and coupons, our aim is to educate one... More »

Social Media, Activism, Shopping

Status: Private Beta

getMetrics @getmetrics • Added Nov 22, 2014

Metrics and Notifications for Stripe

getMetrics provides metrics and instant notifications for your Stripe account. You get a metrics dashboard for your most important metrics, like net revenue, customers, refunds or Stripe fees. The subscription metrics dashboard shows your... More »

Stripe, Metrics, Analytics

Status: Public

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Keen IO @keen_io • Added Nov 21, 2014

Analytics for Developers

Data APIs that let you record and study events from anything connected to the internet.

Analytics, Apis, Data

Status: Public

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