Story Wars @storywars_net • Added 21 hours ago

Collaborative and competitive writing

You take turns writing the story. Vote on which chapter should be included. You shape the story together with other people.

Writing, Social, Community

Status: Public Beta

Petpoc @petpocapp • Added Aug 28, 2014

Your pets in your pocket

Petpoc is an iPhone app for pet owners to snap, edit and share photos of their pets in a really fun way.

Ios, App, Pet

Status: Private Beta

Inspecter @inspecterapp • Added Aug 28, 2014

Direct product feedback surveys for ecommerce items

Inspecter lets you create an online survey and determine what your customers think about your products.

Ecommerce, Analytics, Survey Tools

Status: Alpha

Class6ix @class6ixnews • Added Aug 28, 2014

Pandora for News Video

Class6ix brings together national, local, and online news sources and creates a personalized newscast for you. Watch what you like; skip what you don't. Class6ix will learn as you watch to tailor the newscast to your unique interests. Watch on the... More »

News, Video, Personalization

Status: Public

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Testomato @testomatocom • Added Aug 28, 2014

Automated testing for everyone

Testomato is an easy automated testing tool to maintain and improve the user experience of your online projects. We alert you to problems before they become expensive mistakes. No coding required!

Web Development, Web Design, Developer Tools

Status: Public

Tourlancer @tourlancer • Added Aug 28, 2014

Travel With Curated Personal Guides

Tourlancer is a place where tourists seeking the ultimate travel experience can come together and meet other travellers and tour guides to let it happen. The modern tourist can now enjoy a freelance approach to sightseeing, by fully customizing... More »

Travel, Freelance, Tour

Status: Alpha

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WorkingOn @workingonapp • Added Aug 28, 2014

Minimalistic progress tracking for teams

WorkingOn is a really simple service for tracking what everybody is working on. Each person on your team can post short status updates that can be used to track progress. The next morning each person receives an email with the teams progress for... More »

Task Management, Collaboration, Productivity

Status: Public

LocalFlow @localflow_app • Added Aug 28, 2014

Reddit for your neighborhood

LocalFlow is a realtime mobile app to share news and pictures related to a place with no authentication. It basically is an app in the style of Reddit / HackerNews from the point of view of news which are posted, voted, ranked and commented but... More »

Mobile, Ios, Local

Status: Public @luminate_io • Added Aug 28, 2014

Video Distribution Hub & Analytics

Solution to mass distribute videos to social medias, major platforms and foreign websites.

Video, Social, Distribution

Status: Public

Glamhive @glamhive • Added Aug 28, 2014

Instagram for shopping with referral rewards

Every day, millions of women are on the hunt for the fashion they see in the social stream. They are ready to buy but have no simple way to do it, so we built it. Glamhive is the Instagram for shopping. We built a photo-sharing and rewards... More »

Social, Ecommerce, Social Commerce

Status: Private Beta