QuickMVP @quickproduct • Added Jul 23, 2014

Test your business ideas in 5 minutes.

Got startup ideas? Test the customer demand for your ideas in 5 minutes. Quickly identify the idea that will be most successful. For a limited time only, the best ideas will earn mentorship, publicity, and $5,000 funding. This competition ends... More »

Entrepreneurs, Customer Validation, Business

Status: Public Beta

Sortd @getsortd • Added Jul 23, 2014

A Visual Workspace for Managing Tasks & Email, Right Inside Gmail!

Finally get on top of your email with Sortd, the first ever Smart Skin that lets you organize emails and tasks effortlessly in a Visual Workspace, right inside Gmail.

Email, Task Management, Productivity

Status: Private Beta

StoryCall @storycall • Added Jul 23, 2014

Capturing stories, connecting families. One call at a time.

Grandma tells great stories when the family gets together. But have you recorded those stories somewhere? Will your kids know those stories? StoryCall makes capturing her stories easy: over the phone with a professional interviewer. With each... More »

Family, Genealogy, Storytelling

Status: Private Beta

Sumry @sumry_in • Added Jul 23, 2014

Your beautiful new resume

Sumry is your beautiful new resume. Apply for jobs, send cover letters, get notified when your Sumry is read, get recommendations, all for just a few dollars a month. Free for a basic account.

Resume, Careers, Profile

Status: Public

edo @edo_io • Added Jul 22, 2014

Get organized. Save time. Live better.

Edo is your virtual desk where you can organize, share and always have on hand all of your digital content, in a smart and easy way. * Organize your life: Edo lets you organize all your personal, work, and school-related digital documents.... More »

Organize, Share, Communication

Status: Public Beta

WaaSup @fred • Added Jul 22, 2014

Website Security Service

WaaSup beta provides website security service for free. It's kind of an web application firewall, which has patented technologies for detecting and blocking malicious hacker's access.

Security, Ecommerce, SaaS

Status: Public Beta

TinderUs @tinderus • Added Jul 22, 2014

Tinder Consultancy Service

TinderUs is a Tinder Consultancy Service, helping users gain more matches and dates.

Tinder, Online Dating, Apps

Status: Public Beta

Soddler @soddlerapp • Added Jul 22, 2014

Instagram for selling stuff

Soddler is a microselling app where every user can sell products and find what others are selling. Sell fast, share seamlessly, follow sellers and makers to buy safely from your iPhone.

Social, Ecommerce, App

Status: Private Beta

Cronitor @cronitorio • Added Jul 22, 2014

Simple cron monitoring

Monitoring systems are often complex and require a strong sysadmin background to properly configure and maintain. Cronitor replaces all this with a simple service that anyone can set up. Receive email/sms notifications if your jobs don't run,... More »

Dev Tools, Saas, Monitoring

Status: Public Beta

BabyTime @babytimeapp • Added Jul 22, 2014

Baby tracking made easy (pre-launch)

Your baby is precious. You want to make informed decisions not guesses. BabyTime helps you track the essentials, spot trends and settle into good routines. BabyTime has been thoughtfully crafted to maximize your time and it's beautiful to... More »

Baby, Parenting, Nursing

Status: Alpha