@dojo4us • Added 12 hours ago

Discover the easy way to earn money by investing provides an interactive dashboard where novice investors with low income like college students can make a trade or automate trades ranging from short-term trades like currency to long-term trades like P2P loans. With as little as $1, a... More »

Fintech, Invest Online, Personal Finance

Status: Private Beta

Voiver @voiver_com • Added 13 hours ago

Hire great voice-over talent

Voiver is a voice-over marketplace. A fast and smart way to help people and businesses hire voice-over artists from all over the world. At Voiver you'll be able to find perfect voice talents for your projects and hire them straight away.... More »

Voiceover, Video, Marketplace

Status: Public Beta @teech_io • Added 14 hours ago

Parse for Education Apps is a cloud backend for edtech apps. It makes it easy for developers to build educational applications in hours not weeks and track how students learn using their softwares.

Education, Mobile, API

Status: Public Beta

Umame @umamediet • Added Sep 27, 2014

Smart algorithms to help you lose weight.

Umame uses smart algorithms to compose the most savoury meal that is ok with your diet. Umame automatically creates tasty, but light in calories, meal plans with your personalized nutrition targets and food preferences.

Fitness, Health, Food

Status: Private Beta

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UpsideOS @upsideos • Added Sep 27, 2014

Make Checklists, Share Checklists, Market Your Expertise

Build checklists for personal use or share them with the world. Earn money when people use your expertise.

Checklists, Consultants, Freelancers

Status: Public Beta

Everbooked @everbooked • Added Sep 24, 2014

Automatic Demand Based Airbnb Pricing

Everbooked is automatic, demand-based Airbnb pricing. Everbooked increases revenue by up to 40% by applying rates that will get you optimum occupancy.

Sharing Economy, Airbnb, Pricing

Status: Private Beta

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GeekBoxed @geekboxed • Added Sep 24, 2014

Pairing geeky gift box (pre-launch)

Who doesn't like robots? We're not just a marketplace for geeks and designers. We pair companies that complement each other and offer you the best price.

Ecommerce, Hardware, Social Commerce

Status: Private Beta

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81 Numbers @hoangphanapp • Added Sep 24, 2014

Funny game with numbers

81 Numbers is a fun board game. This 9x9-board puzzle includes numbers from 1 to 81. You will tap on numbers in ascending order from 1 to 81 in only one minute. The interesting thing here is that when you tap on numbers, their position will be... More »

Mobile Game, Puzzle, Boardgame

Status: Public

DreamItReel @dreamitreel • Added Sep 24, 2014

Video Editing Marketplace

DreamItReel is a platform that lets businesses and consumers transform their raw footage into a well-crafted story. Connect with our curated community of professional video editors to find the one that's best for your project. Or, sit back and... More »

Video Editing, Video Processing, Film Production

Status: Public Beta

SalesCalls Application @salescallsapp • Added Sep 24, 2014

Sales new best friend

SalesCalls is a startup from Finland designed for sales organisations. IT helps sales organisations to make more calls in less time and be more productive on sales activities. The goal is to be the easiest tool on the market to make cold calls,... More »

Crm, Sales, Calls

Status: Public Beta