Peerly @peerly • Added 3 hours ago

A connected Twitter messenger with video chat

A feature-rich mobile messenger with Twitter friends as contacts and video chat. You follow them, they follow you, you DM each other, now you can call each other.

Messenger, Video, Mobile

Status: Private Beta

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ProjectPulse @projectpulseio • Added Mar 3, 2015

Project status pages communicate progress for you

ProjectPulse creates project status pages to better communicate project progress, maintain project momentum, and reduce daily emails with clients and colleagues. With only a single landing page per project, you're able to easily see and share the... More »

Project Management, Consulting, Freelancing

Status: Private Beta

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Link Lab @linklabhq • Added Mar 3, 2015

Your cloud apps working as one

Link Lab keeps the important data for your business in sync by joining your cloud apps together in smart ways. Current solutions are technical, intimidating confusing & overwhelming. LinkLab is simple, elegant and designed to reach your goals... More »

Cloud Automation, Business, API

Status: Public

Crozdesk @crozdesk • Added Mar 3, 2015

Comparison platform for the best startup and web tools

Finding the best apps for the job isn't easy. It's frustrating and tedious! Frankly, we believe you deserve better. At Crozdesk, we're dedicated to making your life as easy as possible by providing you with the world's simplest and most effective... More »

SaaS, Business, Cloud

Status: Public

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Aniways @aniways2013 • Added Mar 3, 2015

An SDK for adding "intelligence and interaction" to mobile communication services.

Aniways proprietary SDK contextually suggests adding fun, actionable and personalized content into the conversation while users are typing

Investors, Bloggers, App Developers

Status: Established

RelateTheNews @relatethenews • Added Mar 3, 2015

Making News Relevant with sentiment insights to the financial industry.

RelateTheNews makes news relevant: providing news & stock sentiment insight to FinTech firms, and Investors of all sizes. Our proprietary sentiment analysis engine analyzes over 500 unique market news articles each day. The proprietary sentiment... More »

Trading, Big Data, Sentiment Analysis

Status: Public Beta

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Insightible @insightible • Added Mar 3, 2015

Marketing Analytics for Shopify Stores

Insightible makes analytics easy for Shopify marketers because we do it for you - data is measured, analyzed, and reported by a real analytics expert. Get insights into how your marketing efforts impact your store's success so you can make better... More »

Marketing Analytics, Ecommerce, Shopify

Status: Public

Lunchcruit @lunchcruit • Added Mar 2, 2015

zero-commiment free lunch with an amazing company.

It's just lunch, not recruiting. Lunchcruit is just a free lunch with an interesting company. No pressure, zero-commitment, no strings attached. Our goal is to connect great people with amazing companies. We always encourage companies to... More »

Recruiting, B2B, Marketing

Status: Public Beta

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StacksIO @stacksio • Added Mar 2, 2015

Live, Actionable Feed for Inbound Sales Reps

StacksIO consolidates multiple sales apps into one easy to use platform. Through a live sales feed it will create team wide transparency and will set the priority on reaching goals. It will show you how certain channels are contributing to your... More »

SaaS, Startups, Sales

Status: Alpha

PostPlanner @postplanner • Added Mar 1, 2015

Like Having an Entire Facebook Marketing Team On Demand

Post Planner helps online marketers engage audiences and save time on social networks

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter

Status: Public

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