Germany Startup Jobs @destartupjobs • Added Jul 1, 2015

Where Startups Meet Top Talents

Germany Startup Jobs aim to help German entrepreneurs of newly established businesses find the most qualified team member(s) and get their projects done by highly efficient professionals from Germany and a global pool of talents; thus, boosting... More »

Startup Jobs, Germany Startup Jobs, Jobs In Germany

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ReplyApp @replyapp • Added Jul 1, 2015

The easiest way to manage your social media messages.

ReplyApp is an inbox for all your social media account. It helps you gathers all notification wherever they come from. ReplyApp offers you an interface that helps you manage them alone or with your team and gives you insights on the importance of... More »

Social Media, Customer Support, Email Management

Status: Alpha

Cusby @thecusby • Added Jul 1, 2015

USB-C Modular & Expandable

Cusby uses the advances of the new USB-C standard, lets you to build customs sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easy as adding "Building Blocks", they're completely expandable and for every Cusby you connect a... More »

Technology, Hardware, Gadget

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Trade Finance Global @tradefinglobal • Added Jun 29, 2015

Export and import finance for SMEs

Trade Finance Global provides information and advice for SMEs which export or import goods internationally.

Trade Finance, Exports, Imports

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SentiSum @sentisum • Added Jun 29, 2015

The smartest news app about startups

We source trending Startup news from twitter, remove the spam and summarize the content to save you time.

News, Startups, Twitter

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Thalamus @thalamusinc • Added Jun 29, 2015

A 'Yelp for Advertising'

Thalamus is a discovery engine and review platform for online advertising.

Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising

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Intro Me @intromeapp • Added Jun 29, 2015

Interest-based intros to cool people nearby

IntroMe is a social app designed to intro you to cool people nearby. Using geolocation and an interest based algorithm, we act as your trusted friend who knows everyone and intros you to them based on shared interests. You can verify your intro's... More »

Social, Networking, Friendship

Status: Public Beta

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Goodbits @goodbitsio • Added Jun 23, 2015

Collect content & build email newsletters in minutes

Focus on collecting content for your email newsletters. We make it dead simple for you to clip articles, collect from your blog, Buffer or Slack. Connect with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor and use one of our stunning templates to build and send in... More »

Email Marketing, Newsletters, SaaS

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Hitch Radio @hitchradio • Added Jun 23, 2015

Snapchat for Radio

Radio is heard by 94% of the United States, but its live nature makes it really hard to share. So we created Hitch Radio: The World's First Instant Messaging App For Live Broadcast Radio. Type in anything you want to hear and Hitch Radio... More »

Instant Messaging, Radio, App

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ThreatSpike Labs @threatspikelabs • Added Jun 23, 2015

Google for Security

ThreatSpike Dome allows you to monitor your devices for hackers, viruses and IP theft in 5 minutes without any configuration or security knowledge.

Security, Technology, Cloud

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